Character Award and Student Leadership

Character Award

At The Dorcan Academy who you are is as important as what you achieve. Our aim is for students to stand out as model citizens and we have very high expectations of achievement, behaviour and uniform. We believe that everyone has the ability to learn and achieve great things by working hard, doing their best and persevering. Discovering our strengths, talents and interests and pursuing them to the highest standards, enables us to find fulfilment in life and to become the best version of ourselves that we can be, which is the definition of true success. Subsequently, students’ character development is at the forefront of what we do at The Dorcan Academy.

Students receive character education throughout the day, whether this be during morning tutor, or the lessons they attend, to the extracurricular clubs on offer. Alongside these, students are encouraged to complete The Dorcan Academy character award. The character award is linked to our ethos, values, and virtues. To complete the character award students are challenged to develop their character through undertaking a range of activities. The activities are varied and include such things as, litter picking around the school site, producing a two-minute speech about James Dyson and how he showed resilience as an entrepreneur, or/and attending a local or national remembrance service as a mark of respect.

Students will receive a star badge by completing three 3 activities at a particular level. For example, the History Gratitude bronze activity, Maths Gratitude bronze activity, and the Music Gratitude bronze activity. Upon completing the bronze, silver, and gold activities students are awarded the relevant virtue badge and certificate.

Student Leadership

The Dorcan Academy is committed to providing a rich and diverse curriculum that prepares our students for life in the world, the workplace and for their own wellbeing. To enhance our curriculum we provide students with a wide range of opportunities to develop and practise leadership skills in preparation for the challenges of life in the “real” world. Students learn to build relationships and develop a strong sense of community which will enable them to make a difference in our world. The development of character is crucial to becoming a great leader and therefore, our leadership programme has at its core, The Dorcan Academy vision, values and virtues.

We aim to provide a multitude of learning opportunities within a vibrant, creative and inclusive environment, whereby students can discover their strengths, talents and interests and pursue them to the highest standards to become the best they can be.

As well as attaining the highest academic standards possible, we also understand the importance of developing creatively, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Ultimately, we want our students to stand out as model citizens of whom society can be proud, valuing justice, honesty and integrity. Throughout students’ time at The Dorcan Academy they will be working towards their leadership awards.

There are two types of leadership awards, the junior leadership award (Years 7 and 8) and the senior leadership award (Years 9, 10 and 11). Within each award there are three levels Pass, Merit, and Distinction. To gain a leadership award at each stage students need to complete at least 7 activities within each award, for example leading a group task or becoming an ambassador. Two of the activities can be from Growth Mindset activities and one must be oracy based.

Below are some of the leadership opportunities on offer at The Dorcan Academy:

  • Head students
  • Deputy Head students
  • Prefects
  • School council
  • Teaching and learning leadership group
  • Behaviour and outcomes leadership group
  • Curriculum and careers leadership group
  • Wellbeing leadership group
  • Student interview panel
  • Deputy house captains
  • Peer readers
  • KS3 head student
  • Year 7 head student
  • Sports leaders
  • Library leaders
  • Career leaders
  • House ambassadors
  • Tutor ambassadors
  • Environmental ambassadors

School Council:

Two elected representatives from each House and the Head students. House ambassadors are appointed during the first week as part of the induction programme. Head students are elected in Term 4; this will be advertised and there is a recruitment process involving letter of application and formal interview.

Meetings are held once per term and are on the school calendar. HOH will explain the exact time and venue in the weekly bulletin.

Minutes are emailed to staff for discussion at House Councils

Our Head students for 2023-24 are: Head boy – Vadim Zbierzak supported by Deputy Head boy, Thomas Hamilton and Head girl – Emily Wright supported by Deputy Head girl Charley Kibblewaite.

House Councils:

Elections are held at the beginning of each academic year:

2 students from each tutor group attend House Council Meetings together with the Head of House Boy and Girl.

Minutes will be recorded and reported back to each tutor group.

Learning Resource Centre Helpers: 

Students wishing to apply to be Learning Resource Centre (LRC) helpers need to apply in writing to LRC Manager. This is open to all students and interviews will be held by the LRC manager. At break and lunch time students will: 

  • Undertake general housekeeping duties
  • Issue and return books
  • Return books to shelves

Operate the front desk

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