Exam Results

We are proud of the fantastic GCSE results achieved by our year 11 students. Our students were always on course to have a significantly improved year for The Dorcan Academy in terms of progress; and despite the Government announcing that we were returning to pre-pandemic levels (2019) have surpassed their counterparts in this key performance measure.

Utilising a comparator of over 200,000 students to measure our progress scores as an indicator, we have seen a significantly improved increase compared to 2022, and a consistent sustained improvement following our expected trajectory from before the pandemic.

Whilst the Attainment 8 score has dropped marginally, this was projected (the average GCSE score across the students’ top 8 GCSE’s), due to the prior attainment achieved by our students in primary school.

Progress 8-0.05-0.46-0.17-0.29
Attainment 841.1343.2442.9541.7
EBacc APS3.533.783.783.55
English and Maths 9-529.3%42.5%36.7%34.3%
English and Maths 9-454.15%61.1%58.5%59.4%

Students arrive at The Dorcan Academy with a KS2 standardised score that allows students to be compared to students who did the same as them nationally. The 2022-23 cohort have improved in terms of progress, but many of the students possessed a stronger ability in either English or Maths and therefore students have still made good progress in the areas they may not have been as strong in, with regards to attaining a grade 4.

In 2023 over 29% of our students achieved English and Maths at grade 5 or above, In addition, over 54% of students achieved English and Maths at grade 4 or above. (Grade 4 is equated to the legacy pass at C grade).  These results reflect the sustainable and continued progress of our students.

In English, over 68% achieved grades 9-4 (the equivalent of legacy pass at C or above); this is an improvement on 2022, and nearly 49% of our students attained 9-5 in at least one of their English qualifications.

In Maths, over 63% achieved grades 9-4, and nearly 38% achieved grades 9 to 5.

In Science, 58% achieved the equivalency of least one grade 9-4 (minimum of a grade 43), and 33.6% achieved the equivalency of at least one grade 9-5 (minimum of a grade 54)

EBacc Information

In 2023, 30.1% of students were entered for the EBacc suite of qualifications, with an average points’ score of 3.51. 50% of the students entered obtained a standard pass, at grades 9 to 4, with 20% of students obtaining a strong pass, at grades 9-5.

Destination Data

According to the Department for Education, our most recent destination data shows that, of the 147 students who left The Dorcan Academy in 2017-18, 96% went on to sustained education, employment, or training. We continue to be significantly above the national average of students who at post-16 attend further education and are significantly above the national average of students who are in a sustained apprenticeship.

We are currently on track in all areas of the Government’s Gatsby Standards which ensure the quality of Careers provision.

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