Skills for Life

Curriculum Intent:  The Skills for Life programme is designed to support our students as they navigate through life, preparing themselves to be successful citizens that are ready for the world, for work and to support their own wellbeing.  

Skills for Life promotes and explicitly teaches our Dorcan values and Character virtues, providing a safe environment for students to explore and discuss life issues which affect them, and supporting them, to take personal responsibility, which will lead to positive life choices.  

Students are taught the importance of acting honestly and with integrity in all areas of life and learn to listen and respond with empathy and compassion towards others, who may have different perspectives to them. The Skills for Life programme develops the virtue of courage enabling students to consider the moral implications of the decisions they make and their impact on others.  

In Year 7 and 8 some lessons are delivered through digital technology, to prepare students with the digital foundational knowledge required for local and national businesses; students learn to utilise the Microsoft suite whilst learning the importance of online safety and their digital footprint.  

We recognise in the 21st Century that it takes resilience and courage to tackle the social, moral and cultural issues, that are not just part of growing up, but are required to thrive as citizens. We aim to develop our students into healthy, safe, and confident members of society that contribute positively to the community in its wider sense. The curriculum comprises a blend of PSHE, SMSC and RSE and looks at a range of topics from citizenship, sex and relationships education, and a healthy approach to food and other substances.

What we study

Skills for Life

 Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
Year 7Healthy livingHealthy livingPrevent and radicalisation  Puberty and HygienePuberty and HygieneFirst aid
Year 8Mental healthMental healthPuberty and HygienePuberty and HygieneTolerance and cohesionTolerance and cohesion  
Year 9Consent, conception and contraceptionConsent, conception and contraceptionMental healthMoral thinking and dilemmasCrime and criminality and personal safetyCrime and criminality and personal safety
Skills for Life content

Digital Skills

 Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
Year 7Bullying (Including On-line and Internet Safety)Bullying (Including On-line and Internet Safety)Citizenship, Democracy & human Rights)Citizenship, Democracy & human RightsEmployability – careers and the world of work part 1Employability – careers and the world of work part 1  
Year 8Drugs EducationDrugs EducationEmployability – careers and the world of work part 2Employability – careers and the world of work part 2British Values – DemocracyBritish Values – Democracy
Digital Skills content

Meet the Team:

Mrs Lucia Barton – PE Teacher and Head of House

Mrs Wendy Craig – Head of PE

Mr Adam Shorey – PE Teacher

Mr Jack Starkey – PE Teacher

Ms Amy Trigg – PE Teacher

Mr Dan Waldron – PE Teacher

Curriculum allocation:

All students will study Skills for Life throughout KS3 at The Dorcan Academy.

In Year 7 and 8 students will have 2 lessons a fortnight, which include one lesson utilising digital skills. In Year 9, students will have 1 lesson a fortnight.

Enrichment Opportunities:

These are through Growth mind set days.

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