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At The Dorcan Academy the wearing of uniform is integral to our ethos and we expect our students to wear it with pride. Uniform enables all children to feel equal with regard to race, creed or economic ability. Trends and fashions which some children may not be able to pursue because of differences in their backgrounds may lead to them feeling isolated and different.

Our uniform supplier is Price and Buckland, an on-line company, and all items of uniform can be purchased on-line. Please see the link below to their website and details on how to order uniform.

We do hold ties in stock to ensure prompt replacement if students lose them during the year.

Non-logo items such as white shirts and plain black trousers may be purchased at other retailers however, please read our uniform requirements carefully before purchasing these items as some shops may market items as ‘suitable for school’ when they do not adhere to our requirements. This also relates to black shoes which must be proper shoes (not boots or training shoes of any description), sturdy enough to withstand the weather and to last.

The link to the new Price and Buckland website is below:

Uniform Routine

The Dorcan Academy has very high expectations around our standards of uniform and students must be in full school uniform to attend lessons. For daily minor uniform infringements, for example, a forgotten tie or a misplaced blazer, we have items of uniform that we can loan out for the day in return for something belonging to the student which they will get back on return. For major uniform infringements, such as an obvious un-natural hair colour or trainers, where the situation cannot be remedied easily, students will work in the supervision room until the matter has been resolved.

If there is an exceptional circumstance which has led to your child not being in their full school uniform, you will need to communicate this to the school through the Link Book, in person or via email. We will need to know the items that are non-uniform as well as a date when a replacement is expected to be in place. Keeping the lines of communication open around this issue is always a big help. If there are ever any issues which prevent replacement, please contact your child’s Tutor or Head of House as soon as possible.


TDA Blazer

TDA Black V-neck jumper – (students may choose when to wear it) No other jumpers, cardigans or tops acceptable.

White shirt/blouse. Top buttons must be done up at all times.

Plain Black school trousers – Formal, tailored full length trousers only. No denim like material, jeans or jean style, cargo pants, chinos, leggings or jeggings of any description permitted. Shorts and cropped trousers are not allowed.


TDA Tartan skirt – the skirt should touch the top of the knee when standing up

TDA House tie

Black Formal Shoes only. Shoes should be completely black, (including soles and laces), leather-like, (not canvas), sturdy and be able to protect from the weather. There should be no logos visible. Sports and/or training shoes in whatever form or boots are not allowed.  Sensible, low heels only. The school website has pictures of shoes which are and are not acceptable.

Coats and Jackets – Coats should protect students against the elements. No coat or jacket should be worn as an alternative to the blazer. Hoodies, tracksuit tops and denim are not acceptable and if worn will be confiscated.

Socks and Tights – Dark Grey, White socks. OR: Black or natural coloured tights..

PE uniform – Boys

  • TDA Unisex Sports Polo shirt
  • TDA Reversible Sports shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Royal blue socks
  • Trainers
  • Football Boots (Terms 1, 2, 3 and 4)
  • Gum Shield (Terms 1 and 2)
  • Shin Pads (Terms 1, 2, 3 and 4)

PE Uniform – Girls

  • TDA Unisex Sports Polo shirt
  • TDA Non-zip girls hoodie
  • Black shorts
  • Royal blue socks
  • Trainers
  • Shin Pads (Terms 1, 2, 3 and 4)
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms (Terms 2 and 3 only at teachers discretion)


  • A watch is useful. Smart watches are not allowed.
  • Small plain stud earrings are allowed, one per ear lobe.  For health and safety no hooped or stretchers/expanders are allowed.
  • No other jewellery is permitted including rings (for safety reasons).
  • No facial/tongue piercings are allowed, even clear/plastic bars, retainers or studs.


Hats, scarves and gloves may be worn during winter months, but must be removed inside buildings.

Hair styles should be smart in appearance and avoid the extremes of fashion, in style and colour; asymmetrical cuts, shaved heads, steps and tramlines are not allowed. No unnatural/obvious hair colourants. (Natural is defined as hair colours people are born with). Please ask in advance if unsure.

Make up should be natural and subtle/enhancing. False eye lashes, false nails, coloured nail varnish, nail art or tattoos are not allowed.

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