Health and Social Care

Curriculum Intent

The Health and Social Care curriculum is directly related to employability in the National Health Service and many private health institutions; employment opportunities range from doctors and surgeons to auxiliary care workers on wards or in care homes and a variety of different types of social care work, including hospice care workers.

At The Dorcan Academy students are given the opportunity to develop a rich subject knowledge alongside developing skills that will underpin a future career in the health and social care sector. They undertake this whilst developing the characteristics of courage, honesty and integrity alongside personal responsibility, self-discipline, and compassion for all people – crucial to any linked career.

Understanding key knowledge such as the human development cycle, the work undertaken by different aspects of the health and social care sector and understanding the physiological and lifestyle indicators underpin, shape and support the learners’ own personal development and their contribution to the communities they live in; supporting preparation for life in the world, work, and their own wellbeing. We promote an understanding of how people grow and develop throughout their lives and encourage positive lifestyle choices and relationships during expected and unexpected life events.

Students develop an understanding of good practice in health and social care settings and how Health Care Values are applied to support individuals who use these services through the development of communication and cooperation between colleagues and service uses.


In Health and Social Care last year, 72% of students achieved grades L2D* to L2M; and 100% achieved grades L2D* to L2P.

What we study – Topic Overview

 Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
Year 10Human Lifespan Development Component 1 – CourseworkHuman Lifespan Development Component 1 –Coping with Life  Heath and Social care Services and values Component 2 -courseworkHeath and Social care Services and values Component 2 -courseworkHeath and Social care Services and values Component 2 -coursework
Year 11Health and Wellbeing courseworkCourseworkCourseworkCourseworkCourseworkCoursework

How we assess

In Health and Social Care, students are assessed through the submission of 4 coursework pieces and a final 2 hour exam , which students sit in February of Year 2.

Components 1 and 2 are assessed internally with an assignment brief given. This is an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills that have been acquired from classroom learning. Component 3 is an external assessment set by the exam board – Pearson – and provides students with  the opportunity to being together their learning from Components 1 and 2

The assessment process is broken down as:

Component 1 Human Lifespan Development: 60 marks available. 30 % qualification weighting.

Component 2: Health and Social Care Services and Values:  60 marks available. 30% qualification weighting.

Component 3: Health and Wellbeing: 60 marks available. 40% qualification weighting.

Meet the team

Mrs Serah Whatley – English Teacher and Health and Social Care Teacher

Curriculum Allocation

Students may choose Health and Social Care as an option at GCSE and receive 5 lessons a fortnight.

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