Year 7 Camp 2022

The annual Year 7 Camp trip was yet another huge success this year. Over the course of the week 135 students camped under the stars and participated in a wide variety of challenging activities that built their teamwork, resilience, ingenuity and creativity whilst having an enormous amount of fun!

Each group starts with a walk to Prinknash Abbey on the first afternoon, stopping for wonderful ice creams before the return trek. Students cooked their own food on the first evening and served up some wonderful culinary delights, although the washing up was not quite so well received! An introduction to camp song favourites like ‘Great Big Moose’ and ‘Singing in the Rain’ was had before hot chocolate and very excitable campers had to settle down and sleep. There was lots of chatter, torchlight and snacks from home before an early start on day two. Students cooked their own breakfast of bacon and eggs after cereal and cups of tea, fuelling up before an action-packed day ahead.

The second day saw the students take part in a carousel of events with hardly a minute’s breath. Problem solving with the pipes and plates, manhunt in the woods, orienteering on the common taking in the beautiful views and of course everyone’s favourite activity, ‘The Vaccine’ assault course, dams and legendary ’Mars Bar Challenge’.  After a full-on day two it was barbeque time cooked by the staff, prior to an evening of brilliant camp entertainment led by Mrs Barton, Mrs Sutton and their trustee helpers. Mr Roke and Miss Booth added some acoustic tunes to the entertainment which will live in the memory – singing at the tops of our voices, group songs and of course the Mars Bar awards. Chubby Bunnies were a highlight and caused a great deal of laughter as always.

The camp was enriched by the attendance of Year 10 work experience students who played their part in making it a memorable and well organised event. Without a dedicated team of staff who are willing to commit unselfishly to a full-on week of activity it could not run. It is a really challenging few days for all concerned and I would like to say a personal thank you to all the staff, who worked tirelessly all week to give the students an amazing opportunity, made possible because of their enthusiasm, energy, patience, and dedication. The Year 7s fully embraced camp and will have taken many lifelong skills and some very happy memories home with them. A huge well done to everyone. You are now part of the Year 7 Dorcan camping legends!


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