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Values and Ethos

Vision Statement

Our vision is to become an outstanding school of first choice at the heart of our local community

We will do this through:

Exceptional achievement for every student

High quality teaching that inspires and engages minds through an exciting and creative curriculum

An inclusive school where everyone is valued, cared for and nurtured in an extraordinary way

Equipping students to stand out as model citizens, aspiring to make a difference to the lives of others through their exemplary behaviour and attitudes

High levels of wellbeing enabling all members of the school community to flourish

Raising the aspirations of all stakeholders through a shared culture and vision to strive towards outstanding in all areas

We aim to provide a multitude of learning opportunities within a vibrant, creative and inclusive environment, whereby students can discover their strengths, talents and interests and pursue them to the highest standards to become the best they can be.

As well as attaining the highest academic standards possible, we want students to thrive in all areas of life, developing creatively, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Ultimately, we want our students to stand out as model citizens of whom society can be proud, valuing justice, honesty and integrity and with a strong sense of responsibility, independence and respect for all people.

Day to day life, with its expected and unexpected events, its twists and turns can have an impact on our mental health. It is our aim that time spent at The Dorcan Academy has a beneficial impact on everybody’s wellbeing. Our goal is that all stakeholders know where to seek support in times of challenge, in order to promote a happy community.

Our Ethos is based on 5 Core Values which guide our actions on a daily basis.



In order to succeed every member of our community needs to feel special, valued, worthy of investment and believe that they have unique skills and talents to contribute. Self-esteem and a belief in one’s own abilities to achieve academically, personally and socially are key to effective learning. Our aim through our House system is for students to feel part of a group while knowing they are special for who they are – just like in a family. The wearing of our uniform helps to create a sense of belonging and we encourage all students to take pride in them self and in the Academy.


We believe that all students are born for greatness and are destined to achieve great things. Discovering our strengths, talents and interests are vital to understanding our purpose in life and in becoming the best version of ourselves that we can be. We challenge our students to ‘make a difference to, not only their own lives, but those of others.


We know that students who are motivated and who have a sense of purpose achieve well.  We therefore encourage our students to ‘dream big’ and to believe that nothing is impossible. Our strapline is ‘Aspire to Greatness’. We offer expert careers advice and seek to build on our students’ strengths.  Through our curriculum we seek to foster a sense of curiosity, creativity and a desire to learn new things. At The Dorcan Academy we want our students to aim high; we promote and develop skills of leadership and encourage students to make decisions and take responsibility for their choices and actions. This includes setting goals and taking the steps needed to reach them. Our Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme enables students to pursue their interests and gain these vital skills.


We want our students to learn that life is not always easy but that they can overcome the most difficult challenges and become a better person through it.  Success takes hard work and sometimes involves failure.  We aim to foster a ‘Spirit of adventure’, where students are excited to try new things, even if they don’t know that they will excel or experience failure. We want our students to develop resilience and to never give up on their dreams.


We believe that everyone is intelligent and can achieve. We want all of our students to do as well as they can academically because it will open the doors of opportunity to them, however, we are clear that it is not where you start or end that counts, but the journey to get there and what you learn on the way that is the most important achievement.  Achievement is more than a set of examination results – success comes in many different forms, including effort and is different for every person. Everyone is destined to be great at something and discovering what that is, is part of the joy of learning. We pride ourselves on celebrating achievement in all its forms.

Personal attributes:

We will seek to develop in all our students the personal qualities of:


A strong sense of right and wrong, a willingness to stand up for what is right and to challenge unfairness and injustice both in school and in our local community. This includes taking responsibility for our actions.


Speaking and acting truthfully in order that justice prevails. Honesty needs to be combined with respect for others.


Doing what is morally right with the best intentions for others in mind.  Walking the talk and being a role model for others.  Integrity and honesty are inextricably linked.


Having the freedom to speak and act according to your principles and a belief in your own ability to succeed.


Being accountable for your actions, your decisions and your learning, Engaging in and playing your part as a member of the school community.


Shows initiative and is relied upon to demonstrate high personal standards and to take action to progress your own learning without the supervision of others.


Treating everyone as you would wish to be treated.