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School Structure

The day to day running of the school involves over 100 teaching and support staff in all areas. Below we have listed the structure of our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and other key members of staff.


Mrs S Bareham - Head Teacher

Mr L Morgans  - Assistant Head (Curriculum)

Mr S Neads - Assistant Head (Behaviour and Welfare)

Mrs M Shepherd - Assistant Head (Raising Aspirations)

Mrs P Morley - Assistant Head (Teaching and Learning)

Mrs A Broderstad - Chief Financial and Operating Officer

Extended SLT

Mrs C Rodway (Life after Levels)

Mrs S Edmonds (SENCO)

Mrs L Allen (Most Able, Literacy)

Mr D Tanner (SMSC, Student Engagement)

Mr R Ryan-Youett (Pupil Premium)

Heads of House

Mr T Child - Head of Eagle House

Mrs L Barton (Mon-Thurs) and Miss A Ferguson (Friday) - Head of Falcon House

Mrs E Burnett - Head of Kingfisher House

Mrs J Abbott - Head of Osprey House

Deputy Heads of House

Miss A Trigg - Deputy  Head of Eagle House

Miss A Ferguson - Deputy Head of Falcon House

Miss S Roberts - Deputy Head of Kingfisher House

Mrs R Titcombe - Deputy Head of Osprey House

Heads of Faculty

Ms J Smith - English

Mr W Skelton - Science

Miss L McMahon - Maths 

Mrs C Hatcher - Modern Languages

Mr A Brownlie - Global Learning and Subject Leader of Geography

Mr D Tanner - Subject Leader of History

Miss A Pearson - Subject Leader of RE

Miss J Bansal - Head of Design and Technology

Mr E Haynes - Subject Leader of Catering

Mrs W Craig - Subject Leader of PE and Wellbeing

Mrs S Edmonds - SENCo - Learning Support

Miss A Ferguson - Subject Leader of Drama and Dance

Miss L Beale  - Subject Leader of Music

Mr P Corkish - Subject Leader of Art and Photography