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School Policies

Copies of our school policies can be found below for you to download.
They are updated as required and placed on here.

If parents require a paper copy of any of the information on our website please phone the Academy on 01793 525231 or visit our reception to request the paper copies that you require, which we will provide free of charge.

Available Downloads For This Page Upload Date
19I Addendum to Safeguarding Policy 2020 - COVID-19.pdf 30-Apr-2020
15C TDA Accessibility Policy 2020.pdf 04-Feb-2020
38D TDA Charging and Remissions Policy 2019.pdf 04-Feb-2020
16K TDA Admissions Policy 2021-22 admission.pdf 04-Feb-2020
16J TDA Admissions Policy 2020-21 admission.pdf 04-Feb-2020
Special Educations Needs report 2019.pdf 18-Dec-2019
19I Safeguarding Children and Young People 2019.pdf 17-Sep-2019
33D TDA Young Carers Policy 2019.pdf 17-Sep-2019
17E TDA Complaints Policy 2018.pdf 05-Jun-2019
34C TDA Work Related Policy 2018.pdf 21-Nov-2018
35C TDA Careers Education Information Advice policy 2018.pdf 21-Nov-2018
22G Behaviour Policy and Exclusion Information - Ready To Learn and Governor statement that informs the policy.pdf 16-Nov-2018
42B Radicalisation and Extremism Policy 2018.pdf 25-Oct-2018
28F TDA Attendance Policy 2018.pdf 25-Oct-2018
TDA Privacy Notice Students.pdf 18-Sep-2018
TDA Privacy Notice ParentsCarerGuardian.pdf 18-Sep-2018
TDA Privacy Notice Governors and Trustees.pdf 18-Sep-2018
TDA Privacy Notice Applicants, Employees and Volunteers.pdf 18-Sep-2018
31E TDA Disclosure - Whistleblowing policy 2018.pdf 03-Sep-2018
50A - TDA Cloud based solutions policy 2018.pdf 20-Jul-2018
30G TDA Home Learning Policy 2018.pdf 20-Jul-2018
52A Password policy.pdf 20-Jul-2018
51A Digital Images policy 2018.pdf 20-Jul-2018
49A - TDA General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy 2018.pdf 20-Jul-2018
44B E-Safety Policy 2018.pdf 20-Jul-2018
41C TDA Marking and Dialogue Policy September 2018.pdf 20-Jul-2018
27C TDA Acceptable Use of IT Policy 2017.pdf 20-Jul-2018
24D TDA Privacy and Confidentiality Policy 2018.pdf 20-Jul-2018
20D TDA Sex and Relationships Education 2018.pdf 20-Jul-2018
14 D TDA Nutritional Policy 2018.pdf 20-Jul-2018
18 Equality policy and compliance with public sector duty 2018.pdf 16-May-2018
37B - TDA Students with Specific Medical Needs 2018.pdf 16-Apr-2018
48A Provider Access Policy 2018.pdf 16-Apr-2018
23E TDA Anti-bullying Policy 2018.pdf 05-Mar-2018
16I TDA Admissions Policy 2019-20 admission.pdf 04-Dec-2017
25E TDA Additional Needs incorporating SEN and Disabilities Policy 2017.pdf 01-Dec-2017