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Provision for More Able Students

How does The Dorcan Academy identify More Able learners?

A range of information has been used in this process including information from our primary feeder schools, students’ CAT scores and KS2/3 results, together with teacher assessment of students’ ability in the different subject areas.  Following this approach, three types of More Able learners have been identified.

Highly Able group (HA)

This group consists of those students either:-

A KS2 Level 5 in English Reading and Maths

A KS2 Level 5a or 5b in English

A KS2 Scaled Score of 110+ in English Reading and Maths

A KS2 Scaled Score of 115+ in English Reading

A CAT (Cognitive Ability Test) Score of 110+   

Extremely Able group (EA)

This group consists of those students with a CAT score (Cognitive Ability Test) of 121+

High Learning Potential Group (HLP)

This group consists of the top 10% of students in each year group who have been identified as More Able in a specific subject(s) in the curriculum.

How often are the three groups reviewed?

The Highly Able and Extremely Able groups will not change.  The High Learning Potential groups will be reviewed on a half yearly basis. Parents will be informed if they are on the register for a further year towards the end of the academic year in June. Students may join and leave this group as they progress at different rates.

The role of the More Able Co-ordinator.

The More Able Co-ordinator plays a pivotal role in meeting and exceeding the needs of more able students. They will:

Model excellent practice in the classroom.

Co-ordinate the work of the Heads of Faculty/Subject Leaders, Heads of House, SLT and Governors with regard to more able provision.

Lead on the compilation of the more able register, in discussion with HOFs/Subject leads, Heads of House and SLT.

Inform parents/carers that their child is on the more able register, providing information on supporting learners on the Academy’s more able provision.

Inform learners of their inclusion on the more able register, highlighting opportunities available.

Encourage parents/carers to attend workshops and specific meetings

Programme, actively seeking opportunities for more able learners to access appropriate activities at Dorcan and beyond.

Liaise with the Work Experience Co-ordinator to ensure learners have access to high quality, aspirational work experience placements.

Keep an accurate record of more able activity and report to SLT termly and to Governors yearly (and more frequently if requested).

Ensure more able events are included in the school calendar, advertised effectively, planned for appropriately and that deadlines are met.

How does The Dorcan Academy provide extra challenge and support for More Able learners?

Beyond the many subject specific activities offered there are extra- curricular enrichment opportunities.  We intend to organise skill sessions, encourage participation in local and national initiatives, visit top Universities and discuss with students their needs and listen to their proposals for enrichment activities. 

It is also important to mention that not all HA/EA/HLP students will be invited to participate in every enrichment activity. Rather, students may be invited to certain events which will aim to target the specific areas in which they excel.  

In September 2016 a new Pathway has been introduced to accelerate the progress of our high achieving students through the curriculum and is designed to stretch and challenge. Students will study Triple Science and two Languages from Year 7 along with a range of other academic and vocational options.

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