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On this section of the website you will be able to access a wide range of information about literacy at The Dorcan Academy.

All teachers are expected to promote literacy as an integrated part of their teaching and assessment. These resources are available for you to use at home to support your child’s development in aspects of writing.

Term 6

After a whole school staff CPD covering literacy, the focus in term 6 will be spelling for all students across the academy.  We will be teaching students techniques for spelling commonplace words and encouraging excellent exam answers by focusing on understanding and ise of GCSE exam answers.  

Please click on the links below to find out more.


Commas fact sheet: Level 1

Commas fact sheet: Level 2

Presentation: How to use Commas

BBC Skillswise Words: Commas Quiz

BBC Skillswise Words: Commas Game

BBC Skillswise Words: Commas Worksheets


Sentences fact sheet: Level 1 - Six different ways to start a sentence

Sentences fact sheet: Level 2 - How to avoid repetitive sentence beginnings

Sentences fact sheet: Level 1 - Changing the way you start a sentence

Sentences fact sheet: Level 2 - Different ways of starting sentences

Sentences: If too many sentences start with the same word

Presentation: Sentence Openings


Homophones fact sheet: Level 1 - What are Homophones

Homophones activity sheet: Level 1

Homophones fact sheet: Level 2

BBC Skillswise Words: Homophones Introduction

BBC Skillswise Words: Homophones Quiz

Homophones work sheet: To, Too, Two

Homophones work sheet: You're & Your

Homophones work sheet: There, Their, They're

Presentation: Recognising the correct Homophone

Parts of Speech 1 & 2

Speech Marks fact sheet: Level 1

Speech Marks fact sheet: Level 2

Fact sheet: Direct Speech and Reported Speech

Presentation: Direct Speech Punctuation

Speech Marks: Practice

Speech Marks: Level 1 - Quiz

Presentation: Using Speech Marks

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