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2018 New Year 7 Induction

Here you will find information relating to your child’s transfer to Year 7 in September 2018.  This page will be updated periodically between now and then.

At the bottom of the page you will find links to useful information such as the school calendar, uniform and equipment lists and a transitions newsletter.

At the start of the year, there are several events which prospective parents and students are invited to attend:

Our main open evening is on Thursday 28th September 2017 from 6pm-8:30pm. This is an event we strongly recommend parents and children attend. Parents will listen to a presentation by the Head Teacher while children will get to meet Mr Cannon, the Head of Year 7, hear him speak about life at Dorcan and ask questions of our fabulous Year 7 students. You will also have the opportunity to visit all the Departments in the academy, watch numerous activities involving student participation and talk to teachers and students about the school.

We are also offering the opportunity for you to visit the school on any Tuesday or Thursday throughout October at either 9:20am, 10:20am 11:45am or by appointment.

To book a tour please contact Louise Hitchen on 01793 525231 or email  We strongly recommend that you take the opportunity to see our school in action in order to be able to make an informed decision about your choice of school. Come and see first- hand the high quality of teaching and learning, the excellent relationships between staff and students, the high standards of uniform and behaviour and the array of opportunities provided. External reports and public perceptions do not always tell the whole story or give an accurate reflection of The Dorcan Academy.  Come and see us for yourself!

At the Dorcan Academy, we are proud of our comprehensive Transition Programme which starts in Year 5 with our flagship Literature Festival in November and the Raising Aspiration project throughout the Spring and Summer terms. Year 5 and Year 6 students will be visited in their primary schools by Mrs Rodway, the Transition Co-ordinator, and Mr Cannon, Head of Year 7, as well as a range of our wonderful teaching staff who will deliver exciting lessons in subjects such as Science and Drama.

Year 6 Induction Programme

Wow Week
Wow Week is a week of taster days showcasing the excellent teaching and exciting curriculum we offer all our students at the Dorcan Academy. Students attend in their primary school groups with their teachers and support staff and brought to the academy by them. On the day, they will attend a variety of sessions delivered by the Design Technology, Expressive Arts and Science Departments (to name but a few) at Dorcan.

Monday 18th September                      - Covingham Park Primary
Tuesday 19th September                     - Nythe Primary and Non-cluster primary students
Wednesday 20th September                - Eldene Primary
Thursday 21st September                    - Goddard Park Primary
To be Confimed                                     - Liden Primary

For Wow Week days, please send your child with either a packed lunch or money to purchase lunch in the dining hall.  If your child receives free school meals, then lunch will be provided.

Induction Days

There are then two induction days on the 25th and 26th of June 2018 when all new Year 7 students visit us to familiarise themselves with the academy, its teachers, and of course get to know their new specialist Year 7 form tutor. The Year 7 tutor team are our most experienced tutors and always on hand to make transition as smooth as possible, for both students and parents!

Tutor groups are carefully selected taking into consideration levels of ability, friendships and primary information. Once primary school transition visits have been completed, you will be advised of the group your child has been placed in.

For their induction visits your child should wear their primary school uniform, bring a drink and bring writing equipment.  We are delighted to be able to announce that The Dorcan Academy will be providing a free lunch for all new students on both of these transition days.  On the Monday, students will be able to enjoy a picnic style lunch and on the Tuesday there will be a Barbeque.  Students can still bring their own lunch should they prefer.

Students should arrive between 9.15 – 9.30am and wait outside The Dorcan Academy main reception. Students will be dismissed at 2.45pm.

Students are expected to make their own way to and from The Dorcan Academy so please ensure that arrangements for any transport have been made.

In addition to the main Induction Days, all students from non-cluster primary schools will be invited to a special lunch and “getting to know you” activities on Tuesday 22nd May 12:30pm – 2:30pm. The purpose of this event is to introduce students who may be coming to the Dorcan Academy as the only child from their primary to other students in the same situation.

Other dates for your Diary

Heads of House meetings and Uniform sizing event – 12th June 2018
You and your child will be required to attend an individual meeting with the Head of House or Senior House link in order to discuss your child’s specific interests, needs and any concerns you or they may have about coming to Dorcan.
We will also clarify our expectations in terms of our working relationship with parents in order that we get off to a flying start in September and enable your child to have the best chance of success. A specific time slot will be given between 3pm and 8pm.

There will also be a display of the school uniform and your child will have the opportunity to try on the various items of uniform for size before ordering. There will also be the opportunity to purchase stationery packs and scientific calculators at cost price.

We consider the individual meetings extremely important and therefore, if we are unable to arrange a meeting on this particular date, we will contact you with an alternative meeting date or at your preference.

We hope that we have been able to answer any queries that you may have, however if you require clarification on any issues relating to the transfer to Dorcan Mrs Rodway will be attending selected Year 6 Parents Evenings at the cluster primary schools; please see your primary school for dates and times. Alternatively, please contact:

Mrs Rodway
Lead Practitoner for Transition T. 01793 525231

Mrs Titcombe
Admissions Officer T. 01793 525231

Click here for the school term dates

Click here for uniform lists

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