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Home Learning

Home Learning within the academy is set with the purpose of accelerating and consolidating the learning and recall that takes place within a classroom.

The new and demanding GCSE specifications introduced in 2018 draw upon the recall of key subject content from memory. For example, students need to be able to recall twenty-two Physics equations alongside quotes from fifteen poems and three pieces of literature.

Set as Home Learning students will be challenged to learn the subject content found within a Knowledge Organiser which will be assessed in class during the ‘Do Now’ - a settling activity undertaken at the beginning of each lesson. The Knowledge Organiser supports the demands of recall and develops students’ ability to retrieve key facts through spaced assessment.

The teacher will direct the sections of the organiser to be studied and provide a range of strategies to support.

At Key stage 3 (years 7 to 9) all students will receive a printed Knowledge Organiser (as a booklet) which will include the key and essential subject content to be learnt throughout each term. At Key stage 4 (years 10 to 11) students will receive a knowledge organiser as topics arise and these are to be kept within an A4 lever folder of choice. Alternative and additional homework may be set by teachers to extend or offer enrichment opportunities as necessary.

All Home Learning will be available to view on Show My Homework.

Techniques to support the retrieval of knowledge

Proven techniques to support recall of subject content have been identified and placed below. The impact of these techniques can be significantly improved through parental involvement, as it improves a student’s attitude to learning, confidence and ultimately attainment.

Please click on the link below for techniques on how to revise with our knowledge organiser.


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Home Learning Timetable 2019-20.pdf 16-Sep-2019
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