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This is the Headlines page. Here you will find a downloadable version of the headlines and letters that get sent out from the school.

If parents require a paper copy of any of the information on our website please phone the Academy on 01793 525231 or visit our reception to request the paper copies that you require, which we will provide free of charge.

Available Downloads For This Page Upload Date
10 Headlines - July 2019.pdf 19-Jul-2019
09 Headlines June 2019 - Notice of Parent Governor vacancies.pdf 04-Jun-2019
08 Headlines - May 2019.pdf 03-Jun-2019
07 Headlines - April 2019.pdf 03-Apr-2019
SEND Local Offer Big Day 2019 Flyer.pdf 04-Mar-2019
06 Headlines - February 2019.pdf 15-Feb-2019
05 Headlines - December 2018.pdf 14-Dec-2018
04 Headlines Ofsted.pdf 10-Dec-2018
Ofsted Report November 2018 - 10055325 The Dorcan Academy Report.pdf 10-Dec-2018
02 Headlines - notification of Parents' Forum.pdf 07-Nov-2018
01 Headlines - September 2018.pdf 18-Oct-2018
10 - Headlines July 2018.pdf 16-Jul-2018
08 - Headlines May 2018.pdf 25-May-2018
07 Early end to summer term.pdf 15-May-2018
06 - Headlines March 2018.pdf 28-Mar-2018
05 Headlines - February 2018.pdf 09-Feb-2018
04 Headlines - January 2018.pdf 17-Jan-2018
Ofsted Monitoring Report January 2018.pdf 17-Jan-2018
03 Headlines - Year 7 parents and carers - January 2018.pdf 05-Jan-2018
08 Headlines End of Term 5 May 2017.pdf 23-May-2017
06 Headlines April 2017.pdf 11-May-2017
07 Headlines May 2017.pdf 10-May-2017
05 Headlines March 2017.pdf 21-Mar-2017
04 Headlines January 2017.pdf 27-Jan-2017