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The Rules

At The Dorcan Academy we have 3 simple rules:  Be Kind, Show Respect, Do Your best!  If you follow these, you will not go far wrong!

Classroom Expectations

Students at The Dorcan Academy will:

E1           Arrive to every lesson on time, in full school uniform and fully equipped for learning

E2           Listen silently, track the speaker and respond positively to instructions

E3           Raise their hand to ask a question or make a relevant comment, without calling out

E4           Be respectful to everyone in word, tone and action

E5           Participate fully in lessons and work exceptionally hard without disrupting any other student’s learning

See it, Hear it, Lose it!!

All mobile phones and electronic devices must be switched off and put away before entering the building at the start of the day (Phones, Ipods, Earphones, MP3 players etc.)

Fizzy and energy drinks are not allowed in school and will be confiscated if seen

 Outside Expectations

O1           Walk sensibly around the building keeping to the left

O2           Eat only in designated areas and put litter in bins

O3           Respect everyone in word, tone and action

O4           Respect the school building and environment

O5           Follow instructions by staff/prefects and give your name if requested to do so

The Journey Home

Students are expected to demonstrate a high standard of conduct on the journey to and from school as they are ambassadors for past and future generations of children who will attend The Dorcan Academy.

Students are expected:

J1            To arrive at school and leave school in full uniform (students are not permitted to wear hoodies).

J2            To use the traffic lights safely on Dorcan Way.

J3            To use the cycle lanes/pedestrian zones safely.

J4            To take any litter home and dispose of it properly.

J5            To respect our neighbours and all local residents.