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Uniform Routine
The Dorcan Academy has very high expectations around our standards of uniform. However, we recognise that, from time to time, your child may not be in School dressed in full school uniform. Where there is no reason for this, your child will be set a detention for being out of uniform. However, if there is a valid reason, you will need to communicate this to the School through the Link Book, in person or via email. We will need to know the items that are non-uniform as well as a date when a replacement is expected to be in place. In severe cases where a child persistently refuses to follow the uniform policy, they will be excluded from lessons and where the clothing is inappropriate, sent home to change. Keeping the lines of communication open around this issue is always a big help. If there are ever any issues which prevent replacement, please contact your child’s Tutor or Head of House as soon as possible.


As you are aware, in September 2013 the Government introduced new guidelines for student attendance at school.  We are in agreement that regular attendance at school is of vital importance to students’ learning and progress at all levels and ages.

Below is a reminder of the guidelines for student absence. Requests for absence during term time will not be authorised unless in ‘exceptional circumstances’ as deemed by the Head Teacher, this being in line with the revised government guidelines; for example, cost, employment, extended family illnesses and any birthday surprises are not deemed as exceptional circumstances. If a child is absent from school when the time off has not been authorised, the absence is likely to be referred to the Legal Officer and could be subject to a fixed penalty notice being issued.

Since the introduction of these new guidelines we have seen an overall improvement in student attendance so we are writing to all families to thank you for working together with us to ensure that children attend school, giving them every opportunity to reach their full potential.  We hope we can continue this work together.


The Dorcan Academy is committed to promoting high standards of behaviour. Our Behaviour for Learning policy puts into effect our core values of promoting positive behaviour for learning with the aim of enabling all students to ‘Aspire to Greatness’; a belief that we can overcome barriers to learning and a ‘no excuses’ culture. We strongly believe that students should be regularly and fairly rewarded for their achievements, to not only celebrate students’ successes, but to also inspire and motivate young people to achieve their very best and become confident, independent leaders in their learning. This vision, in turn, raises standards and improves behaviour and attendance. The rewards policy will seek to uphold at all times The Dorcan Academy’s core values.

Rewards can be given for many reasons such as:

Achieving or exceeding target grade

Attendance 100%

Commitment to extracurricular activities

Excellent piece of DIRT work

Excellent SMSC work completed

Exceptional effort

Exceptional Home learning

Growth mindset - perseverance, resilience

Model Student - Dorcan Values

Positive contribution to the community

Student Leadership

Supporting the school during events

Students will be working towards a range of rewards throughout their time at The Dorcan Academy. There are four types of awards that students can achieve: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.


Students need to achieve 4000 points to win this award. The reward includes a letter from the chair of governors, Certificate signed by chair of governors, an automatic pass to the front of the lunch queue and either a FREE prom ticket or a Domino pizza meal with 5 friends.


Students need to achieve 3500 points to win this award. The reward includes a letter from the Head teacher, Certificate signed by Head teacher, badge and an afternoon of activities off-timetable selected by students. eg, use of the sports facilities, a film or use of the technology facilities.


Students need to achieve 2500 points to win this award. The reward includes a certificate signed by Head of House, badge and a non-school uniform day.


Students need to achieve 1500 points to win this award. The reward includes a certificate signed by tutor, badge and a week’s pass to the front of the queue in the canteen.

Students can win these awards at any time during their time at The Dorcan Academy. The awards will be presented at the rewards assemblies, held at the end of term 2, end of term 4 and the end of year celebration assembly. To ensure the new system is fair to all students the following breakdown will be used.

Year – starting 2017-18

Points needed to achieve Platinum  

Points needed to achieve Gold

Points needed to achieve Silver

Points needed to achieve Bronze

Year 7








Year 8





Year 9





Year 10





The other rewards students can gain are as followed:

A post card will be sent home every time a student achieves 500 house points, eg 500, 1000, 1500 etc.

Students will be rewarded for their academic and pastoral achievements by winning certificates during the end of term rewards assemblies (term 2 and 4). All the academic and pastoral winners’ names will be put into and two students will win a £10 voucher at random. 

End of year assembly - Students will be rewarded for their academic and pastoral achievements through certificates and prizes.

At the end of term 3 and 5 the house with the most reward points will earn themselves a non-school uniform day on the last day of that term.

Each term the houses will be competing against each other in the set competition. The ultimate winner will win a voucher as well as points for their house.

The House that gains the highest number of House points will be awarded the House trophy and will win a non-school uniform day at the end of term 1.

End of year reward trip - Students who meet the following criteria, as set by the student council, will be invited to attend the reward trip.

96% attendance

Average attitude to learning of 2  - but allowed 1 three

No more than 3 isolations over a term

No more than 10 detentions over the year

An exclusion equals an automatic ban.

KS3 attendance to at least 6 sessions of an extra-curricular activity

KS4 96% attendance to intervention