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Information relating to written examinations, controlled assessments, coursework and on-screen tests can be found in this area.

This includes timetables, examination information, BTEC information, Awarding Body details and result enquiries for former students.

Details of our most recent examination performance data can be found here.

Available Downloads For This Page Upload Date
GCSE_Revision_Guide_Price_List.pdf 12-Oct-2017
2018_EXAMINATION_TIMETABLE_-_Spring.pdf 11-Oct-2017
2017_EXAMINATION_TIMETABLE_-_December.pdf 11-Oct-2017
Information_for_candidates_NEA_1718.pdf 11-Sep-2017
Information_for_candidates_CA.1718.pdf 11-Sep-2017
Information_for_candidates_-_written_exams.pdf 11-Sep-2017
Information_for_candidates_-_social_media_1718.pdf 11-Sep-2017
Information_for_candidates_-_Privacy_Notice.pdf 11-Sep-2017
Information_for_candidates_-_onscreen_tests.pdf 11-Sep-2017
YEAR 11 INFORMATION.pdf 19-Apr-2016
Y11 Exam Information.pdf 24-Sep-2014
Y10 Exam Information.pdf 24-Sep-2014
Former Pupil Results Request.pdf 24-Sep-2014
Exam Board Details.pdf 24-Sep-2014