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Curriculum Statement

The curriculum at The Dorcan Academy has been designed to ensure that by the time students take their GCSE examinations in Year 11 they have acquired all the necessary skills and knowledge to do well. Pathways have been created so that students of different abilities and with different interests follow a curriculum that is tailored to their needs. Each pathway offers a broad and balanced curriculum which enables students to have as much choice as possible when choosing future courses and careers.

The majority of students follow the Central Curriculum; which involves them studying the Core subjects of English, Mathematics and Double Science, History and Geography, French, ICT, Religious Education, three technology subjects: Resistant Materials, Graphics, Food and Nutrition and Music, Art, Drama and PE (including PHSE). The aim is for all students to gain 8 good GCSEs including English and Mathematics.

Our most able students (identified as those excelling and/or with high learning potential in English, Maths, Science and Languages) follow an Extended Curriculum which is as above, but with Triple Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) leading to three separate GCSEs and an additional Language, Spanish. The Extended Curriculum students are selected at the end of Term 2 of Year 7 based on CATS tests results and progress and attainment scores at Dorcan.

The Vocational Pathway is specifically tailored to a very small group of students who would find learning a language extremely difficult due to their level of literacy skills and other significant learning issues; an alternative Skills based programme is delivered designed to raise levels of literacy and numeracy.

It is possible to move within the pathways and decisions will be made on a termly basis.

Students have the opportunity to select some options within the technologies and arts going into Year 9 before choosing their final options at the end of Year 9 ready for Year 10.

This year the options offered at Key Stage 4 are as follows:

Geography or History
French or Spanish
Art, Music, Dance, Drama, Graphics, Textiles, Resistant Materials, Food and Nutrition, Psychology, Sociology, Media, Business Enterprise, Sport Studies, Photography and RE.

Please click here for a detailed breakdown of the Academy's curriculum from September 2018

If you require more information about the curriculum on offer at The Dorcan Academy, please contact Mr L Morgans, Assistant Headteacher at the school or email

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