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Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Rationale at The Dorcan Academy

“World, Work and Wellbeing”

The curriculum at The Dorcan Academy has been designed to facilitate our students in becoming model citizens.

The curriculum aims to prepare our students for the World in the 21st Century, through the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum, which is rich in both traditional and all-encompassing subjects that include:

- the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science,

- the humanities of Geography, History and RE

- the languages of French and Spanish

- the 21st Century technologies of Engineering, Food and Nutrition, iMedia and Design       Technology

- the health and well-being subjects of Business and Enterprise, Personal, Health  and Social     Education, Physical Education, Skills for Life and Sports Studies

- the expressive arts of Art, Dance, Drama, Music and Photography

- the social sciences of Psychology and Sociology

The curriculum aims to prepare our students for WORK. Working with our local Business and Enterprise community, we have identified the wider skills required and introduced the skills for life programme, which encompasses the PHSE, Citizenship and LORIC* skills with elements delivered with a focus on developing the digital skills required. We also believe that learning does not stop in the classroom, and we offer a wide range of additional activities that include the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Our curriculum has the student as a whole individual at the centre, and as well as providing the best opportunities for our students to maximise their potential in terms of outcomes, we are also focussed on ensuring that their emotional and physical WELLBEING is nurtured.

Through the curriculum for life programme, we are ensuring that our students have an opportunity to look at key areas, that support them to become healthy, independent and responsible members of society who have all the skills necessary to flourish and succeed in life. We encourage our students to play a positive role in contributing to the life of the school and the wider community. In so doing we help develop their sense of self-worth. We teach them how society is organised and governed. We ensure that they experience what British values are, for example the process of democracy. We teach them about rights and responsibilities, and they learn to appreciate what it means to be a positive member of a diverse multicultural society.

At The Dorcan Academy we aim to create:

- ambitious and capable learners

- ethical and informed citizens

- students skilled in 21st century technologies

- enterprising, creative and skilled personnel

- healthy and confident individuals

Pathways Rationale:

All our students have the best opportunities to maximise their potential through being placed in the most appropriate pathway.

The majority of our students will follow the central pathway.

Central Pathway students may have shown aptitude in several areas of the curriculum, however their current progress suggests that they would benefit from additional lessons in either English or Mathematics as well as focussing on only one language.

Your best student in Maths may very well be in the Central Pathway if they require additional focus on another curriculum area.

Vocational Pathway students follow the central curriculum however in agreement with Mrs Edmonds receive further opportunities to develop their literacy and numeracy instead of studying for a language.

Extended Pathway students will have shown excellent aptitude in English, Maths, Science and Languages as well as an overall positive attitude and effort level.

These students have the opportunity to study an additional language in KS3 as well as lay foundations to study Triple Science at GCSE.

These students will be entered for the full EBACC qualification at GCSE which requires a language in addition to English, Maths, Science and a Global subject.

Russell Group Universities are looking for students who have the EBACC qualification, as are an ever- increasing number of employers.


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