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Academy Trust

Dorcan Technology College converted to become a stand-alone academy in December 2011. The Academy Trust is a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity. 

The Charitable Company's Memorandum and Articles of Association are the primary governing documents of the Academy Trust. The Trustees of The Dorcan Academy are also the directors of the Charitable Company for the purposes of company law. The Charitable Company is known as The Dorcan Academy.

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07831414 The Dorcan Academy Finalised Accounts 201819.pdf 19-Dec-2019
07831414 The Dorcan Academy 1819 ManLet.pdf 19-Dec-2019
07831414 The Dorcan Academy 2018.pdf 07-Jan-2019
The Dorcan Academy Accounts 2017.pdf 11-Jan-2018
The Dorcan Academy 2016 Accounts.pdf 03-Jan-2017
The Dorcan Academy 2015 Accounts.pdf 16-Dec-2015
Value_For_Money_Statement_2014.pdf 16-Sep-2015
Funding Agreement.pdf 17-Apr-2015
The Dorcan Academy 2014 accounts.pdf 06-Jan-2015
Articles of Association.pdf 06-Nov-2014
The Dorcan Academy 2013 Accounts.pdf 24-Sep-2014